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Exceptional posts - I end up forwarding all of them on to my friends. There's so much to learn here that I would never have picked up otherwise, it's a much more casual way of learning about the history of some of the greatest composers, like a conversation over coffee with musical interludes, rather than a lecture.

The Ascoltare Spotify is a wonderful innovation as well, and couldn't have come at a better time - I've been in somewhat of a 'funk' when it comes to my music listening lately.

Not listening to a lot of funk (which might've helped), just feeling dreadfully uninspired.

Somehow a quick trip into the classics leaves me feeling fresh. I'm not one of the aforementioned non-musical classical fetishists, more of a Sunday day tripper into the past, but there is something pure about (most) of the music that I throughly enjoy.

Thank you for continuing to write these, and giving me plenty of soundtracks to my days.


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