The descriptions in this piece are pure poetry, a pleasure to read.

I loved both pieces, and I've saved them for later. I've found the best way to digest these pieces is to listen without distraction, then read through your description and re-listen.

It ends up leaving a considerably greater impact on me.

I must say, I've been going deeper and deeper into classical ever since reading your description of the impossibility of separating pop music from the pop musician.

It got me thinking about different genres of music, why I listen to them, what I get out of them, the feelings associated with each.

For bluesy, guitar-driven music, I'm listening almost entirely to the guitar and how the player dances around the 3 chords, the notes they choose, the phrasing, and I get completely lost in it, most of the time I don't even know what the song is about (typically "my baby left me and now I'm sad" etc.).

On the other hand rap/hip hop for example, is probably the most difficult genre to separate the musician from the music, as so much of what is being said is a reflection of the person saying it. I think the appeal of much of the music is almost putting yourself in the position of the rapper, the words being burned into your subconscious as if you're the one saying them.

I could go on and on, but I've been consciously thinking about music a lot more of late, and I have only you to thank for it!

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