Beautiful. Chopin's music is subtly powerful exactly as you say, but I couldn't agree more about the melancholic feelings it can bring over you.

If you really sit down and listen to them, the power is just immense. The Ocean No.12 in particular made me stop in my tracks, and I just had feelings of sadness and desperation wash over me for the two minutes, and then it was gone.

Coming back to baseline after that is a strange feeling, but it's pieces like that which have given me a stronger appreciation for Nietzsche and his writings on music - which I had read, but never fully grasped until quite recently.

I really enjoy the cues for what to listen for in each piece as well, it gives me an excuse to re-listen with a closer attention to the details - and the comparisons of each artists interpretation of the pieces.

I was discussing this recently with my girlfriend, who couldn't understand how there could be differences in how pieces were played if it's all coming from the same original sheet music - I will use this post to illustrate why.

Great edition as always, looking forward to the next!

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